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Info The micro-faceted reflector technology ensures incomparably precise light distribution and minimum glare. The downlight lenses for generating either round or angular light projections are available in three different emission characteristics. Additionally available are a rectangular downlight and a 12° narrow spotlight as well as a wallwasher lens. There is also a highly anti-glare version (UGR <19), which is ideal for use with VDU workstations. In addition to truly exceptional flexibility, the minimal dimensions of UNICO also make it a winning product. Despite the high performance of the LED light insets, with up to 360 lumens, they only measure a tiny 38x38 mm. With the low installation height of 80 mm, the downlight is hardly perceptible and therefore can be installed in a wide variety of ceilings without affecting the aesthetics of the room.
Brand XAL
Collection UNICO
  • 10.5W
Colour Temp
  • 3000°K
  • 4000°K
  • 90
  • 310lm
  • 330lm
  • 590lm
  • 630lm
  • 890lm
  • 950lm
  • 1050lm
  • 1120lm
  • White
  • Black
  • Remote
Control Protocol
  • DALI
  • Interior
  • Ceiling
  • Recessed
Unico l3
01wallwasherscorridorlarge1920x1240 1521016426 2
02wallwashersdesklarge1920x1240 1521016429 2
03corridordesklarge1920x1240 1521016428 2
Unico L3 2 x Wallwasher 1 x Rectangular 35°x75° DALI 10.5W 3000°k, 4000°k Ra90 590lm, 310lm, 630lm, 330lm White, Black Remote
Unico L3 3 x Wallwasher DALI 10.5W 3000°k, 4000°k Ra90 890lm, 950lm White, Black Remote
Unico L3 Floor / Corridor DALI 10.5W 3000°k, 4000°k Ra90 1050lm, 1120lm White, Black Remote

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